Why Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is a great book

photo-1467245891624-dff3e966bcca Each and every single novel in the Harry Potter series is a well-written literature masterpiece. However, when it comes to picking just which of these 7 books is the best, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix effortlessly takes the cake. Here then are some 3 top reasons why Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is a great book in every sense of the phrase.

1. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix drastically alters the tone of this series

Despite the childish tone that characterizes the first 2 installments, the early Harry Potter novels still possessed a profound element of darkness and danger. This gradually increases as the series move on. The 4th installment, for the most part, dwelt on the ��Tri-Wizard’ tournament. Yet its finale is employed to serve as a warning that J.K Rowling has began to up the stakes and isn’t fooling around. Thus, begins the conspicuously darker Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. We now find Harry spending much of his time feeling sorry for himself. The weight of the entire world seems to be rested on his young shoulders. He even has to contend with a government sponsored slander campaign. We can correctly say that Harry Potter has come of age.

2. It is in Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix that Harry’s character starts to manifest more depth

There is not really much depth in Harry Potter in the previous 4 installments of this series. Yes, he is a brave lad who constantly contends with deep danger. Yes, he has gone through intense suffering which no teenager should ever be forced to experience. Still, his character is not in any way complicated, and he represents the archetypical classic hero. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix brings to us a hero who is still more than willing to risk his life for the sake of good. But also one who is has gotten weary of his lot in life. Harry Potter is very weary of shouldering immense responsibilities that no one of his age should. He is weary of placing his friends’ life in danger constantly. While also been so weary of constantly courting death.

3. Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix introduces arguably the greatest villain in the history of literature

Voldermort was certainly a very powerful and scary villain, but Dolores Umbridge is much more to be dreaded. Here is a run off the mill sadist who has being afforded great power over children. Without doubt, the grievous punishments she metes out to Harry Potter, notably the ��I will not tell lies’ scars, are some of the most painful moments of the whole series. This all the more painful as these privations do not originate from ��Death Eaters’ plots, but what he gets during mundane detention. Umbridge in Harry Potter and the Order the Phoenix is portrayed as a power-thirsty bigot who is sufficiently ruthless to go to any length, even torturing students to support her odious government. When contrasted with the likes of Voldermort, it can be very easy to imagine the danger of real life Dolores Umbridge existing. This definitely makes her the greatest villain in the Harry Potter Series, if not the greatest in literature.

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Purchasing cars from car dealers

photo-1445001804887-80767051ecb4Car dealers who have an association with the car companies are the ones who you can trust to be able to provide you with all the latest and the genuine products that come to the market. There are very strict guidelines which need to be followed by the car dealership associations and hence there is no compromise on the service and the quality of the service provided. These organizations usually hire the best people to take care of the car and the customers who purchase these cars. This article will mainly be focused on general overview on purchasing cars from car dealers.

There is a lot of known very old dealership in the world, and this might also be the reason why the sale volume of these dealers is high and reliable. The reason behind success of these car dealers are several, for example the technicians that work for these companies and then in the dealership are people how to have the fines knowledge and perform to the great satisfaction of the people. These people are ably trained and are what one would expect to be at the top of the business. They have a very severe code of conduct and have a complete know-how of the automotive products. The warranties that are given by these dealers are not paralleled, and they take good care of their customers. The people offer free car sales and schooling to the interested people and also help in the strategy building of the various programs. The amount of money that one can earn from being in this dealership is unmatched and can be said to be unlimited. The pay structure of the commission is such that the amount that one receives is something that reflects on the payment scale.

Usually purchasing cars from car dealers is a one-time process for most families. The budget of the car is something that plays a huge role in these acquisitions. There are a lot of people who despite being interested in it cannot afford to buy it. The dealers in these cases try to work something out with the people and then form some economic strategy which would help them gain the contract with the customers and make good margin in the sales too. The most common financial measure that is taken is setting up installments- a monthly system of paying and getting the car at the start. This makes the people own the car, and the salesman sells the car effectively. This would be a high-quality car which these people would get. This is a cheaper and a swifter method of getting a car.

There are certain things that you need to check before you are sure that the dealership is authentic and you are paying for this authenticity. You will be paying for their examination as well and benefit a lot from these dealerships. These dealerships will be having a certificate and all the automobile accessories along with proof of alliance with the Automobile Associations. These dealerships also have contacts with the loan giving companies who would make it, even more, easier for you to own a car.

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Planes – And my admiration for them

Planes are something fascinating. They astonish people in the 18th century with their marvellous engineering feats. We humans have always aspired for things greater than us. For the medieval people, they look up to the skies and look at the birds. They become inspired to fly and travel the world up in the sky. Today, our civilisation has advanced to the point that air travel has been such an ease.

I love airplanes. That is a fact. And here’s a video of the top 10 biggest planes in the world for your enjoyment.

Benefits of Power Washing


When it comes to getting power washing done, there are a lot of benefits that you can look forward to. The best way to get this process done is not to do it alone, but rather call an expert to help you with this process, as they will have access to heavy duty, industrial equipment that you will not find anywhere else. Whether you have tried to use other options before, or never hired a professional, you will at least agree that there is a great deal of benefit to getting this service rendered.

One of the great parts of hiring power washing professionals is that they can help with several jobs. For instance, if you need to pain a home and you want to make sure that the surface of the stucco or the outside is perfectly clean before you put down primer, you can have high powered streams of water ensure that for you. Not only that, if your driveway has been beaten up and tattered you can get this service to completely clean it and make it look brand spanking new.

Before a person could call a service to get this type of work done, it was up to the individual to get on their hands and knees and try to clean things up with water hoses or attachments. The pressure wasn’t quite as good, and it just never really took off. Others have tried to look into the old steam cleaning or sand blasting options, but each one has its own problems, which is why power washing took off in its place.

If you’re looking to rejuvenate a surface, there is no great option that won’t damage your home, concrete, or much else. Even cars are cleaned with this service, as water can hit hard but still be pliable in a way that it won’t damage even glass. Whether you’re trying to get rid of grim, oil, dirt, or layered caking from years of the elements, you will be able to get surfaces bright and renewed with relative ease.

The power behind a power wash machine that can shoot water at a high rate of speed is the PSI. In most cases the jet stream can go upwards of 15,000 PSI, which can be a great thing for commercial and residential real estate cleaning. It’s advised not to try and purchase a heavy duty machine and go the DIY route here, as it will cost several thousands of dollars, the amount of water you could end up wasting could end up costing you a lot more.

The alternative method is far better, hiring a power washing company that will come to your home and clean everything with relative ease for a flat rate. You will get the benefits of owning one, without having to deal with all the issues that come with it, and that will of course, deliver peace of mind. You will not think about cleaning the same way again, once you get a power washing machine, that’s for sure.

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DIY Toy Airplane

This is a fun little project that parents can do for their children. Uses pieces of scrap wood, this DIY wooden airplane is a toy that i’m sure would be enjoyed by kids, and they can even paint it themselves if they want to!